Cradle of the Confederacy Chapter #94 Montgomery, AL

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Chapter Officers

 President ~ Loretta Martin

 Vice President ~ Bonnie Shanks

 Second Vice President ~ Linda Davis

 Third Vice President ~ Melissa Ziarnick

Recording Secretary ~ Lisa Trammel

Treasurer ~ Brandy Huntzinger

 Registrar ~ Sue Jaworowski

 Historian ~ Loretta Martin

 Recorder of Military Crosses ~ Leslie Kirk 

 Parliamentarian ~ Bonnie Shanks

 Chaplin ~ Marie Sanford 

Corresponding Secretary ~ Lisa Trammel


 Chapter Committees

Archives Chapter History Preservation: Leslie Kirk

Benevolent Activities: Marilyn Ann Tucker, Jessica Butler, Sheril Maynard

Biography for Members: Sandra Shell

Budget: Bonnie Shanks, Virginia Sutherland, Mary Alice Waits

Bylaws: Loretta Martin, Rebecca Barnes, Ann Ryals

Children of the Confederacy: June Crews, Tommie Gayle

Coloring Contest: Hettie Harrington, Tommie Gayle, Anne Adams

Education: Loretta Martin, Michelle Gilmore, Jill McCain

Finance: Bonnie Shanks, Virginia Sutherland, Mary Alice Waits

Fundraising at Chapter Meetings: Bonnie Shanks

Grave Markers: Sandra Shell, Carrie Williams

Insignia: Leslie Kirk, June Crews

Meeting Hostess: Clara Bass, Sue Jaworowski

Magazine: Anne Kilgrow, Betty Jo Ritchie, Marianne Wilson

Memorial Markers: Jean Baccus, Annie Hale, Josephine Foshee

Music of the Confederacy: Sue Jaworowski

Patriotic Activities: Anne Adams, Marie Sanford

Photographers: Leslie Kirk, RoseMary Davis, Loretta Martin

Public Relations: Clara Bass

Reserve Speaker: Anne Tidmore

Scrapbook: Bonnie Shanks, Aileen Hood, Evielean Howell

Southern Literature and Poets: Elsie Owens-Cox, Mary Elizabeth Pratt, Ruby Hassell

Sponsor Cradle Chapter Meetings: Anne Tidmore

Telephone/Email: Sue Jaworowski, Susanna Pate,

Jerry Edwards, Hettie Harrington, Leslie Kirk 

Website and Ancestor Biography: Leslie Kirk


 Division Offices

Sandra Shell ~ Division President 1992-1994

Anne Sykes Adams ~ Division Historian

Anne Sykes Adams ~ Division Newsletter Editor

Anne Sykes Adams ~ Division Convention Co-Chair

Elizabeth Black ~ Division Historian 1988-1990

Elizabeth Black ~ Division Corresponding Secretary 1992-1994

RoseMary Davis ~ Division 2nd Vice President 1994-1996

RoseMary Davis ~ Division Treasurer 1998-1999

Leslie Kirk ~ Division Vice President 2011-2012

Leslie Kirk ~ Division Convention Chair 2011

Leslie Kirk ~ Division Historian 2012-2013

Leslie Kirk ~ Division Chair Randolph Relief Fund 2008-2010

Linda King ~ Division Treasurer 1992-1994

Gloria Mann ~ Division Convention Chair

Pat Veazey ~ Division Recorder of Military Service Records 2008-2010

Pat Veazey ~ Division Convention Treasurer 2011 

Louise Vines ~ Division Treasurer 


 General Offices

Sandra Shell~ Asst. Recording Secretary 1984-1986

Sandra Shell ~ Aide to Mrs. Dan B. Cook, President General

Leslie Kirk ~ AL Director of General Randolph Relief Fund 2008-2010

Leslie Kirk ~ General Committee Randolph Relief Fund 2010-2012

Leslie Kirk ~ General Committee Randolph Relief Fund 2012-2014



 Cradle of the Confederacy Chapter #94

Past Presidents

 Jul-Oct 1896     *Mary Seibels Ball (Mrs. Charles P.)

1896-1897 *Carrie Phelan Beale (Mrs. Jesse D.)

1897-1899 *Mrs. Amelia Wyley

1899-1901 *Marielou Armstrong Cory (Mrs. Chappell)

1901-1903 *Wilhelmina Clopton Lanier (Mrs. Clifford A.)

1903-1904 *Mrs. Helen Gunter Jackson Belsterling

1904-1906 *Mrs. Mary Phelan Watt

1906-1907 *Mrs. J. M. Carmichael

1907-1909 *Mrs. Frank Stollenwerck

1909-1911 *Mrs. C. H. Beale

1911-1913 *Wilhelmina Lanier Tilley (Mrs. John S.)

1913-1915 *Mrs. Paul Smith

1915-1917 *Mrs. John Bradford

1917-1919 *Mrs. Sophie Hertz

1919-1921 *Bessie Patton Screws Mertins (Mrs. Gustave F.)

1921-1923 *Mrs. Lila Cobb Gordon

1923-1925 *Mrs. Lila S. Williams

1925-1926 *Mrs. John Bradford

1926-1928 *Mrs. Katherine Watts Collins

1928-1929 *Mrs. S. A. Snodgrass

1929-1930 *Miss Lutie Young

1930-1931 *Mrs. Robert Whittle

1931-1932 *Mrs. H. H. Reynolds

1933-1935 *Mrs. J. B. Cravey

1935-1937 *Mrs. A. P. Cooper

1937-1939 *Mrs. P. L. Cook

1939-1941 *Mrs. Albert J. Pickett

1941-1943 *Winnie Stephens Brassell (Mrs. Lemuel H.)

1943-1944 *Mrs. Albert J. Pickett

1944-1946 *Glennie Brassell (Mrs. L.H.)

1946-1948 Hettie Hopkins Murchison (Mrs. Grover C.)

1948-1950 *Virginia Elizabeth Rhyne Wing (Mrs. Earl)

1950-1952 *Mrs. Gaston Powell

1952-1954 *Winnie Stephens Brassell (Mrs. Lemuel H.)

1954-1958 *Bessie Seay Rose (Mrs. John K.)

1958-1959 *Mrs. H. W. Robertson

1959-1961 *Parie Hollingsworth (Mrs. J. William Hines)

1961-1963 *Virginia Elizabeth Rhyne Wing (Mrs. Earl)

1963-1964 *Winnie Stephens Brassell (Mrs. Lemuel H.)

1964-1966 *Mrs. P. L. Cook

1966-1968 *Mrs. Lucy Grey Arnold

1968-1970 *Martha Peach (Mrs. Thomas R.)

1970-1972 *Ella May Kennedy Taylor (Mrs. Henry A.)

1972-1974 *Virginia Ferguson Farnell (Mrs. Ramon L.)

1974-1976 *Louise Martin Vines (Mrs. James C.)

1976-1978 *Mary Charles Collins Fields (Mrs. Henry Franklin)

1978-1980 *Elinor Lewis Curtright, Sr. (Mrs. W.H. Curtright, Sr.)

1980-1982 Sandra Neville Shell (Mrs. C. Wayne)

1982-1983 *Rose Leftwich Neville (Mrs. Thomas Oliver)

1983-1985 *Elizabeth Griswold Black (Mrs. Travis)

1985-1987 RoseMary Karrh Davis (Mrs. Philip C. Davis, Sr.)

1987-1988 Anne Bridges Sykes (Mrs. Robert S.)

1988-1990 Hettie Henderson Harrington (Mrs. R.M.)

1990-1992 *Ovarean Hodges Morris (Mr. J. W.)

1992-1994 *Rena Pope Underwood (Mrs. K.W. Underwood, Jr.)

1994-1995 Stella Edna Weaver Dillahunty (Mrs. Rex W.)

1995-1996 *Rena Pope Underwood (Mrs. K.W. Underwood, Jr.)

1996-1998 *Gloria Johnson Mann (Mrs. Henry)

1998-2000 *Lillie Mae Hall Miller (Mrs. William E.)

2000-2002 Anne Bridges Sykes (Mrs. Robert S.)

2002-2004 Faye Barfoot Gaston (Mrs. Jackie Gaston, Sr.)

2004-2006 *Patricia Shirley Veazey (Mrs. J.W. Veazey, Jr.)

2006-2008 Sandra Grace Pennington

2008-2010 Clara Smith Bass (Mrs. Ray)

2010-2012 Leslie Ann Kirk (Mrs. Durward Mark Henderson)

2012-2013 Faye Barfoot Gaston (Mrs. Jackie Gaston, Sr.)

2013-2016 Loretta Heisler Martin (Mrs. Stephen S.)







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